HP Handheld SIG News | December 1999

HP49 Connectivity Kit Is In Stock

Finally, the long promised HP49 Connectivity Kit, with cable and CD-ROM disk of software is on dealers' shelves. This not only allows for uploads and downloads to and from a PC, but also permits the user to upgrade the HP49 flash-ROM operating system from the PC. Operation is very intuitive, with a split-window screen showing both the PC and calculator memory layouts. Jim Lawson has these kits available right now. Contact him in Jackson, New Jersey at 732-928-9528.

Multiple Equation Solver: Not Gone for Long By the Beta Testers

At the introduction of the HP49 (and in fact prior to that in the prototype-version firmware as well) the machine did not contain the HP48's Multiple Equation Solver software. The explanation for this was never completely understood. In actuality, the M.E.S. code was actually in the machine, but the soft-key menu access had been removed. As the released code was put through its paces, many of the testers protested about the lack of the M.E.S. Finally, recently the HP people recanted and decided to restore the user interface the the multiple equation solver. Most of us are very happy about this decision. Look for it soon in the next official O.S. version which will be available for download from HP's web site in the near future.

A CD Disk of HP49 Docs?

It seems that there has been much more documentation for the HP49 made available on the Hewlett-Packard web site as opposed to printed material supplied in the calculator box. As a result, the only logical method of distribution among local club members is probably via CD-R disk, since the amount has far exceeded the capacity of a single floppy disk. The advanced user reference manual is all but complete along with other supplementary files, and it seems to be a shame to force each and every local person to have to download this stuff. I will try to have a CD made for the next meeting so anyone who needs these files can get it for nominal cost.