Hewlett-Packard Handheld/Palmtop Videos

HP Handheld Users' Conference

Sept 20-21, 2003 | Radisson Hotel | Newport Beach, California

Table of HHC 2003 Conference Presentations:

1   PPC CD#4: Australian Newletters &

Conference Proceedings 1979-99

Jake Schwartz
2   Power48 on A Palm Tungsten - A Year Later Marc Staps
3   Useful 48 Utilities for Power Systems Engineers John Cadick & Jeff Bronfeld
4   Strategic Directions of the HP Calc Business Lee-Jhuan Goh, Cyrille de Brebisson & Tony Jones

Collecting HP Calculators

Louis Skelton

6   The PDQ Algorithm: Rational Approximation of

Irrational Numbers / Beyond Comtinued Fractions

Joseph K. Horn
7   Wireless Data Comes of Age - finally! David Shier
8   The HP48 In Academia Peter Boniface
9   Professional HP49 Survey Applications Issues Ted Kerber
10   Learning Tool Software Development Brian Maguire
11   Battery Charging & Internet Bargains Paul Hubbert
12   The New HP48/49 Connectivity Kit & DEBUG4X

William Graves

13   Vital Functions Not on Today's Machines Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz
14   HP Calc Q&A Tony Jones & Cyrille de Brebisson
The full 14-hour conference is available on 5 DVDs for $15.00 (including shipping) 
or on a single DVD disk for $10.00 (including shipping).


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