Hewlett-Packard Handheld/Palmtop Videos

HP Handheld Users' Conference

Sept 25-26, 2004 | Radisson Hotel | San Jose, California

Table of HHC 2004 Conference Presentations:

1   Proper Calculator Keyboards and Attachable Keyboard Overlays Jake Schwartz
2   How I Use My "HP-XX" Bill Butler
3   Calculating Contrast Gene Wright
4   Currrent Status of the HP Calc Business Roke Ghodsi, Cyrille de Brebisson,Art Garcia

Programming the HP33S

Martin Cohen

6   PDQ Unbound: No More Limitations Joseph K. Horn
7   Wireless Data Comes of Age - finally! David Shier
8   Hitchikers' Guide to the HP Museum Dave Hicks
9   Third Party Applications for the HP49G+ Ted Kerber
10   Superman Looks at the HP17BII+ Richard Nelson
11   Battery Charging & Internet Bargains Paul Hubbert

The NEWT (Nut, Extended, With Turbo) Microprocessor and the 41CL Calculator

Monte Dalrymple

13   Ten Things A Calculator Will Never Do Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz
14   The History and Operation of Hpcalc.org Eric Rechlin

Present and Future PDAs

David Shier


Update on Microcode Simulation of Early HP Calculators

Eric Smith

The full 15-hour conference is available on 5 DVDs for $15.00 (including shipping) 
or on a single DVD disk for $10.00 (including shipping).


100% digital-domain DVDs: The conference videos were shot on MiniDV tape, then edited by transferring via 
Firewire (IEEE1394) to a linear digital editor and saved onto full-sized DV tapes on a DV VCR with no signal loss. The 
video was then transferred via Firewire to the DVD recorder where the master disks were made. Copies are made from
the master DVDs by computer, bit-for-bit. For the VHS videotapes, copies are made from the full-size DV-tapes.


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