HHC2004 Conference Presentations/Papers


Gene Wright - "Calculating Contrast" (Acrobat, 147K)

Martin Cohen - "Programming the HP 33s" (Acrobat, 103K)

Monte Dalrymple - "The NEWT (HP41 Turbo) Microprocessor" (Acrobat, 10K)

Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz - "Ten Things A Calculator Will Never Do" (Acrobat, 26K)

"HP's Presence At The Copenhagen Conference" (Acrobat, 16K)

Wlodek's Copenhagen Presentation (Acrobat, 394K)

Jake Schwartz - "Proper Keyboards and Attachable Overlays" (Acrobat, 1.2 meg)

Eric Rechlin - "HPCALC.ORG Past Present and Future" (Acrobat, 1.1 meg)

Richard Nelson - "Superman Looks At The HP17BII+" (Acrobat, 6.7 meg)

"A Low Cost Book Binding System" (Acrobat, 675K)



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