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HP Handheld Users' Conference

Sept 29-30, 2007 | Hewlett-Packard Facilities| San Diego, California


HHC 2007 Conference Presentations:




1. Richard Nelson & Sam Kim Day-1 Opening Remarks
2. Everyone Attendee introductions, more announcements, group photo
3. Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz “Would Einstein Have Used One?”
4. Sam Kim of HP “HP calculator update”(*)
5. Richard Nelson & Gene Wright Programming Contest, Announcements and the HP Halo Project
6. Jake Schwartz Cupertino to Corvallis to Singapore to Melbourne to San Diego: Are we there yet?”
7. Hugh Steers “Real 21st Century Calculation” (hp50g)
8. Tim Wessman “Square Peg -> Round Hole: Challenges of Modeling the round Earth on a flat Plane”
9. Namir Shammas “Extended Best Linearized Regression” (HP35s)
10. Jean-Yves Avenard “EDGE:EmbeDded Graphic Engine from Hydrix”
11. Jeff Bronfield “Update on Electrical Power Engineering Calculator Applications”
12. Gary Tenzer & Group “If I Were HP-King-For-A-Day” Forum
13. Martin Cohen “What I would Change In The HP 35s”
14. Howard Owen “MLDL2000 and HEPAX How-To” (HP41)
15. Andreas Möller “TreeBrowser – Another Equation Library Approach” (hp50g)
16. Bruce Horrocks “A Proposal for a Simple Scientific Calculator”
17. Eric Rechlin “A new HP50g Serial Cable”
18. Richard Nelson Day-2 Morning Announcements
19. Eric Smith “How To Make A Small Fortune Engineering New Calculators”
20. Don Shepherd “TI-NSpire Calculator Demonstration”
21. Gene Wright “New Machine Ideas”
22. Ted Kerber “The 35s and Its Expandable power”
23. Sam Kim & Cyrille de Brébisson HP Panel-General Q & A(*)
24. Richard J. Nelson “How many Keys Should a Personal Calculator Have?”
25. Richard Nelson & Jake Schwartz “Time line of HHC 2007 & 2008 Calendar of HP Personal Calculators”
26. Richard Nelson & Gene Wright A couple of auctions, best-speaker award, programming contest winner
27. Everyone Door Prizes
28. Richard Nelson & Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz User's forum: General HPUC Q & A, HPCC 2007 in London 2 weeks later, suggestions for HHC 2008, Community questions, problems & issues.

(*) = video edited to remove HP-confidential material

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video was then transferred via Firewire to the DVD recorder where the master disks were made. Copies are made from
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