HP Handheld Calculator Conference

September 27-28, 2008 | Hewlett-Packard Facilities | Corvallis, Oregon




HHC2008 Conference Presentations:




1. Brian Maguire Evolution of Dynamic Geometry Software
2. Sam Kim (HP) HP Calculators Up To Date
3. Jake Schwartz Improving Keystroke Efficiency in HP's Recent Business Calculators
4. Sharon Butterfield (ex HP) Memories From the HP35 Development Years
5. Richard Nelson Fourier StreamSmart 400 Probes
6. G. T. Springer (HP) HP MCL and Data Streaming
7. Charlie Patton (ex HP) Cognitive Science and Calculator Design
8. Eric Smith Calculator Simulations
9. Felix Gross Patent Documents: Looking for the History and Future of Calculators
10. Richard Nelson If I Were Wing King
11. HP Panel Q & A Sam Kim, G T Springer & Cyrille de Brebisson
12. Andreas Moller An HP50g Multilingual Pack
13. Joseph Horn Reverse Polarized Denotation: Polarization in HP Calculator LCDs
14. Jim Donnelly & Megha Shyam (ex HP) HP Ex-Corvallis Folks Sharing a Bit of History
15. Megha Shyam (ex HP) The Future of Calculators
16. Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz Could Einstein Have Used One? Part II
17. Cyrille de Brebisson (HP) HP 20b as a Product Development Platform
18. Gene Wright HP 20b Flash Programming Demonstration
19. Felix Gross Calculator Literature - 725 Documents
20. Namir Shammas New Root-Seeking Algorithms
21. Karl Schneider Suggested Functionality for Successor or Update to the HP35s
22. Pavneet Arora HP50g Construction Application
23. Walter Bonin Walter's Calculator Suggestions presented by Gene Wright
24. Michael O'Shea HP97 and HP67 Emulator Demo
25. Namir Shammas Shammas Polynomials
The full (roughly 14 -hour) conference,  recorded on 5 three-hour DVDs, is available for 
$15.00 (including shipping anywhere) 


****Also available on a single DVD in  format for $10.00****
(includes shipping anywhere)


100% digital-domain DVDs: The conference videos were shot on MiniDV tape, then edited by transferring via 
Firewire (IEEE1394) to a linear digital editor and saved onto full-sized DV tapes on a DV VCR with no signal loss. The 
video was then transferred via Firewire to the DVD recorder where the master disks were made. Copies are made from
the master DVDs by computer, bit-for-bit. 


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