Hewlett-Packard Handheld/Palmtop Videos

HP Handheld Calculator Conference

September 20-21, 2014 | Hyatt Place Hotel | Reno, Nevada


HHC2014 Conference Presentations:




1. Richard Nelson and group Opening Remarks and Attendee Introductions
2. Namir Shammas Bisection Plus Algorithms, Remembering Jack Stout
3. Tim Wessman A brief glimpse at his HP presentation
4. Bob Prosperi Virtual Loops, PIL Box, LIF, An Update on HP-IL
5. Richard Nelson Solving Sans Computer, Calculator or Slide Rule
6. Geoff Quickfall Cloud Fed: Sprinkle and Strew
7. Jake Schwartz Calculator Odds and Ends (Updated PPC Archive DVD plus WP 34S & 31S printed manuals)
8. David Ramsey Something Something Something Dark Side (HP 9810 & 9820 desktop calculators)
9. Joseph Horn The LIF Disk Web Archive Project
10. Namir Shammas Trisection Algorithms
11. Eric Smith Scaled Reptiles from (Silicon) Laboratories (market research on the DIY Calc - "XC-42")
12. Joseph Horn Hailstone Numbers: A Pattern Has Been Found
13. Geoff Quickfall HP-41 Card Reader Drive-Wheel Replacement Demonstration
14. Tim Wessman & Cyrille de Brebisson A Brief Excerpt of HP Q & A
15. Namir Shammas HP-41 Regression Program Generator
16. Eric Rechlin General Projects Update
17. Richard Schwartz Book Binding 2.0 plus Other Calculator Remarks
18. Bob Prosperi HHC eBay Topics
19. Benoit Maag The RPN-1200 Project
20. Best Speaker Award  
21. Programming Contest Results & Door Prizes  
22. Users' Forum & Conference Conclusion  
The full 13+-hour (non-HP-proprietary portion of the) conference,  recorded on 6  DVDs, is available for $20.00
or on a single  Format DVD for $10.00 (including shipping anywhere).


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