Hewlett-Packard Handheld/Palmtop Videos

HP Handheld Calculator Conference

September 26-27, 2015 | Holiday Inn Express Hotel | Nashville, Tennessee

HHC2015 Conference Presentations:




1. Richard Nelson and group Opening Remarks and Attendee Introductions
2. Namir Shammas Genetic Algorithm Optimization using the HP Prime
3. Gunter Schink hp50g System Flash Upgrade
4. Tim Wessman Excerpts of his talk on what's new with HP Calculators
5. Gene Wright HP-41CL Update
6. Richard Nelson Coin Trivia
7. Mary Woldering "Children of Stone" = A Self-Publishing Saga
8. Geoff Quickfall Woodstocks in the Twenty First Century
9. Jake Schwartz The WP-43S: A Specification In Search of a Platform
10. Felix Gross Update on 342-page Calculator References List Project
11. Eric Smith The Glacial Pace of Scaled Reptiles
12. Namir Shammas Particle Swarm Optimization using the HP Prime
13. Jackie Woldering A Numeric Compression Algorithm for the HP Prime
14. Bob Prosperi Virtual HP-IL (and related topics) Update
15. Geoff Quickfall Informal Demos
16. Richard Nelson Review of Swiss Micros' DM-41 and the Brand New DM-15L
17. Jim Johnson Fritzing, China and the NP-25
18. Bob Prosperi FRAM71 Introduction
19. Tim Wessman & Cyrille de Brebisson Excerpts from HP Q&A Session
20. Namir Shammas Random Number Generators using Integer Array Shuffling with the HP Prime
21. Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz Prime Savage (speed/accuracy comparisons)
22. Gene Wright TI vs. HP and Fast Mode
21. Programming Contest Results & Door Prizes  
22. Users' Forum & Conference Conclusion  
The full 14+-hour (non-HP-proprietary portion of the) conference, recorded on 6 DVDs, is available for $20.00
or on a single  disk for $10.00 or on 6 HD Blu Ray disks for $30.00 (including shipping anywhere).


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