1992 Spring Hewlett-Packard Handheld Users' Conference

3/28/92-3/29/92 Drexel University Philadelphia, Pa.

Recorded Video Materials Available

For those who were not able to be at the HP Conference held in March, here is a rundown of the materials still available.

The entire conference was videotaped, totalling 13 hours. The talks are as follows:

Formal talks on Saturday, March 28th:

1. Richard Nelson (EduCalc) - Third Party Product Development

2. Dennis York (Hewlett-Packard) - Production Development Stages on HP48

3. Ray LaBarbara - EZ Math Software for the HP95 and HP48

4. Fred Linton - "Delta Configuration A/B Switches"

5. Lew Thomas - An HP95LX HPIL Interface

6. John Wettroth (Travtech) - HP Handheld Digital/Analog I/O Boxes

7. Brian Maguire - An HP48 System RPL Development ROM Card

8. Chris Smith (Essex Marketing) - HP95 UTIL FORTH system

Informal discussion on Saturday evening:

9. Dennis York (Hewlett-Packard) - How would HP48 users improve the HP95?

Formal talks on Sunday, March 29th:

10. Brian Walsh - HP48 Memory Management Utilities

11. Dennis York (Hewlett-Packard) - The HP95/Motorola Newsstream Pager Project

12. Ted Dickens (Compuserve) - BBS HP Activities

13. Karl Smith (Sparcom) - Device Drivers for Sparcom's Drive95

14. Richard Nelson (EduCalc) - HP48 Public Domain Software ROM Cards


The cost is as follows:

Video of the entire conference (13 hours) 4 DVDs for $15.00

including shipping

1 DVD for $10.00

including shipping


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