1994 Summer CES / HP Special User's Meeting Video

On Friday, June 24th, 1994, the Chicago Area CHIP HP user's group held their annual special users' meeting in conjunction with the 1994 Sumer Consumer Electronics Show. Approximately 25 people were in attendance. Hewlett-Packard's Eric Vogel connected up with us via speakerphone and gave a talk on the newly-introduced Omnibook 530 subnotebook computer. In addition, there were presentations on recent user meetings held in London and the Hague. Ken Bourke made a presentation on a general HP48 triangle-solution program and Paul Kettler presented an HP48 program to convert Voyager-series machine row-and-column program listings to alphanumerics. Craig Finseth proposed an HP handheld/palmtop conference in the Summer of 1995 in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Results of HP48 performance using the recently released Rayovac Renewal rechargable alkaline batteries were presented. And finally, the entries for the second-annual HP48 programming contest were presented and judged and prizes were awarded.

This 5+ hour meeting was videotaped, along with a 40-minute quick tour highlights from the 1994 Summer CES in Chicago. A copy (with a total of 6 hours of material) is available on 2 DVDs for $10.00 including shipping or on a single DVD disk for $10.00 including shipping.

Please send a check or Paypal ("jakes@pahhc.org") to:

Jake Schwartz

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Below is a sumary of the contents of the CHIP meeting/CES video:

I. Thursday, June 23, 1994 -

  1. At Ron Johnson's Office - Preparations for next day's meeting
  2. Phone call from Eric Vogel of HP Corvallis

II. Friday, June 24, 1994 - User's meeting in Chicago

  1. Introductions
  2. Overview of upcoming events
  3. Eric Vogel speaks to the group on the new HP Omnibook 530 subnotebook via speakerphone
  4. Brian Walsh talks about the HPCC meeting on May 28, 1994 on the day of the postponed Dutch conference
  5. Brian speaks briefly about the upcoming HP48 Thermodynamics software being prepared by Rick Grevelle
  6. Jake Schwartz reviews the Dutch PROMPT group's meeting on 5/28/94 in the Netherlands to restart their conference plans for October
  7. Richard Nelson speaks on general conference logistics
  8. Craig Finseth proposes a 1995 HP conference in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for handhelds and palmtops. Proposed date is the first weekend in August. Various types of sites are discussed.
  9. Additional conference logistics discussion
  10. Ken Bourke presents an HP48GX generallized triangle solution program
  11. Paul Kettler speaks on an HP48 program which converts Voyager-series HP machine (12C,15C,16C,etc) "row & column" keycode program listings to alphabetic instruction listings
  12. Results of the HP48 programming contest are reviewed and prizes are awarded
  13. Richard Nelson and Paul Hubbert discuss performance characteristics of the new Rayovac Renewal alkaline rechargable batteries.

III. Glimpses of the 11th annual CHIP picnic at Paul & Brend Hubbert's house plus a video high-speed shutter experiment to investigate if the Rayovac Renewal battery charger's LEDs blink or shine steadily

IV. 1994 Summer Consumer Electronics Show Glimpses

  1. Overall shots of McCormick North hall exhibits
  2. "Voice-It" handheld 75-second solid state dictation device demo
  3. Microtalk Technologies Inc. "Telewatch" wrist cordless phone demo
  4. Videonics Digital Video Mixer video demos
  5. Fiftieth CES show display and timeline 1967 to the present
  6. RCA (Thomson Consumer Electronics)
  1. Philips exhibit showing Video CD, audio CD and CD-i formats
  2. Motorola
  1. IBM Thinkpad with multimedia docking station
  2. McCormick North hall exhibit shots
  3. Multimedia pavilion overview
  4. Knowledge Adventure's "3D Body" CD ROM software
  5. "VRTOGO" chair-based video software controller
  6. Spectrum "Ring Mouse" demo - an index-finger-worn 2-button wireless mouse for PCs
  7. Western Digital Caviar 3.5-inch hard drives including their new 1083.8-meg <10ms drive
  8. Simon & Schuster publishing's "Star Trek The Next Generation Interactive Technical Manual" CD ROM demo
  9. Nintento booth glimpse plus "Gateway System" game server for hotels and airline seats

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