1992 Las Vegas HP User's Meeting Video Available

On Saturday, January 11th, 1992, a meeting of HP users was held in Las Vegas in conjunction with the Winter Consumer Electronics Show. Representatives from Sharp, Hewlett-Packard, Sparcom (makers of HP48 and HP95 third-party products) and ACE Technologies (makers of HP95 third-party products) were present to speak. In addition, some of the users also made presentations on their current software and hardware activities with respect to HP handhelds and palmtops. There was some lively discussion related to the future direction of HP from both users' and manufacturer's point of view and everyone had an enjoyable time.

This meeting was videotaped, along with approximately a half hour shot at the CES itself, showing glimpses of products from Sharp, HP, Casio, Kodak, Panasonic, A T & T and others. There is a total of over five hours of material and it is available on 2 DVDs for $10.00 including postage or on DVD disk for $10.00 including postage. Send a check or Paypal ("jakes@pahhc.org") to:

Jake Schwartz

135 Saxby Terrace

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

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HP Users' Meeting - 1/11/92

1. Opening Remarks

2. Gil DeLiso from Sharp Corp. speaks on the new PC-3000 palmtop and the new EL9200 and EL9300 graphing calculators.

3. Roy Pryzlowski of Hewlett-Packard speaks on the HP48 and 95 issues, answers some questions and comments on the general trends in the palmtop and handheld industry.

4. Andy Fu of Ace Technologies speaks on their new large capacity (up to 2 Mb) RAM cards for the HP95 which are preformatted with Stacker data compression software loaded. (The 2 Mb card appears to be a 4 meg card to the HP95.)

5. Scott Burke of Sparcom Corp. speaks on new HP48 and HP95 products:

Drive 95 - a compact 15-hour-capacity rechargable battery-operated disk drive for the HP95LX

Station 95 - a docking station for the HP95 which will contain various interfaces and other devices in the future

HP95 RAM cards (up to 2 meg capacity)

HP48 ROM cards coming: Advanced Solid State Electronics, SPICE48, Physics and Statistics Pacs

6. General discussion on future palmtops

7. Joseph Horn discusses the goodies disks including the newest one (#6)

8. Steve Thomas talks about the Needham's HP48 EEPROM and flash card burner for EPSON cards

9. Brian Walsh speaks on Brian Maguire's upcoming System-RPL development card for the HP48.

10.Richard Nelson discusses new products: the new Texas Instruments TI-85 graphing calculator, various HP48 and HP95 books and others.

11.Jake Schwartz discusses the current status of the upcoming HP Handheld Conference on March 28-29 in Philadelphia at Drexel University.

Winter Consumer Electronics Show Glimpses:

1. CES show entrance

2. Pioneer handheld cellular phone - one of the smallest ever

3. Citizen handheld color LCD television

4. Sharp products: new Digital Compact Cassette (DCC) unit, portable DAT unit with touch-screen controls, 34-inch direct-view "wide-screen" NTSC television (with 16:9 aspect ratio).

5. Philips 386SX notebook PC, Philips DCC unit and DCC presentation

6. Casio new SF-R10 B.O.S.S. organizer product (10 by 40 LCD, QWERTY keyboard, built-in spreadsheet, 128K RAM, etc.)

7. A T & T Videophone (with 3" color LCD screen)

8. NSM 100-disk CD "jukebox" with Macintosh and touch-screen as a front-end controller

9. Kodak Photo-CD presentation

10.Casio presentation on the new BP-100 wristwatch which measures pulse and blood pressure

11.Hewlett Packard booth with HP48 cake, HP95 presentation, a glimpse of a new (third-party) HP95 connectivity pack for the Macintosh, cake cutting in honor of the 20th anniversary of the release of the HP35 on 1/4/92.

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