HP Handheld Users' Meeting and 1994 Winter CES Glimpses Video

The 1994 Winter Consumer Electronics Show and annual January HP users' meeting in Las Vegas is history and once again, the festivities were recorded on videotape. The meeting lasted approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes with glimpses from the CES another 45 minutes (totalling roughly four hours). At the meeting, Joseph Horn formally introduced HP48 Goodies Disk #9 and did some demos. A copy of this video is available on a single DVD for $10.00 including postage or a single DVD disk for $10.00 including postage. Send a check or Paypal ("jakes@pahhc.org") to:

Jake Schwartz

135 Saxby Terrace

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003-4606

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A summary of the video's contents follows:

1994 HP Handheld User's Meeting and Winter Consumer Electronics Show Glimpses - Las Vegas, Nevada Jan 6-9, 1994

  1. Where do we think HP is going from here? (Richard Nelson)
  2. Introductions
  3. A recent reunion of the HP Advanced Product Division (Henry Horn)
  4. Winter CES brief overview discussion (various)
  1. HP16C Emulator Library update (Jake Schwartz)
  2. EduCalc programming class, feet-and-inch arithmetic problem
  3. HP48 Goodies Disks and the "birth" of Goodies disk #9 (Joe Horn)
  4. HP48 demos with the overhead display: (Joe Horn)
  1. Educalc Newsline (714-582-3976), HP BBS and further support (Richard Nelson)
  2. SX GX changes: Large RAM cards, new built in functions
  3. Classroom-style HP48 program development problem: print a text string into an n-column-wide printer output without breaking words. (Various)
  4. The future of HP Corvallis - calc versus palmtop effort
  5. Triangle draw graphics program, "Tile" graphics demos

Due to an unknown cause, there were video dropouts during the third hour of the users' meeting.

  1. Calculator versus computer definitions
  2. Calcs in the classroom
  3. Sparcom MathPro card short demo
  4. Mention of upcoming Dutch HP conference on May 28-29th, 1994 18.Personal Digital Assistants (PDA): What does this mean?
  5. PDA generation one is a relative commercial failure
  6. No new PDAs at CES
  7. What if HP did a "technical" 100LX...would this obsolete the 48?
  8. New Casio FX9700G graphing calc
  9. More on future of HP and TI calculator divisions
  10. Data input methods: pen versus speech versus keyboard
  11. IR transmission - long range (25 feet) on new Casio organizer and watches
  12. Database applications on handhelds/palmtops
  13. Lotus users on 95 and 100LX
  14. Should we meet again in 1995? Previous Las Vegas meetings, farewell

Winter CES Glimpses:

  1. Las Vegas Convention Center
  2. Main Convention Center entrance
  3. Goldstar:
  1. RCA:
  1. Casio:
  1. Samsung 64 megabit RAM display
  2. Panasonic:
  1. Atari Jaguar 64-bit video game system and sample game
  2. Forte head-mounted game controller
  3. Nintendo/Silicon Graphics "Project Reality" video and demo
  4. Sony MiniDisc display showing professional cart machine, MD media, 4-disc in-dash car changer and Walkman-type portable playback and record/playback units
  5. Las Vegas Convention Center entrance hall showing various booths
  6. Apple Newton demo
  7. Lonestar "Key" multimedia-based electronic musical instrument which plays like a guitar through ROM packs and specially encoded videotape
  8. Sharp:
  1. Pioneer:
  1. Toshiba:
  1. Alias 3D rendering and morphing computer graphics software videotape
  2. 3DO video games
  3. Delorme PC mapping software
  4. Hewlett-Packard:
  1. Texas Instruments:
  1. Farouja Laboratories' Line Doubler demo on PC screen and projection TV (doubles NTSC video 525-line signal in real time to 1050 lines, approaching High Definition TV standard)
  2. Motorola exerpt from skit demonstrating wireless comm devices such as pagers and phones. Introducing MIRS system which combines paging, faxing and voice mail and cellular phone in one handheld device. (Guest starring Richard Nelson as "Brother Kyle")

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