The PPC Calculator Archive: A Work in Progress Since 1998

Updated Jan 24, 2020

Introducing PPC Archive Version 2.36:

(Now offered on a USB flash drive

but this version has no further updates)


With the addition of: 

- Materials from the HHC2019 Conference on 9/21-22/19 in Reno, Nevada

- All remaining U.S. HP Key Notes issues scanned in color

- Thirteen European HP Key Notes issues added

- All 8 HP65 Key Note issues scanned in color

- Two issues of the HP65 Users' News (from HP Switzerland) added




In the "Section 4" area:

The "printed" materials (661 pages) from

the HHC2019 HP Handheld Conference:


 Also in the "Section 2" area -  "The HP Key Notes Project" (167 new pages):


Added HP65 Users' News (2 issues) / HP65 Key Note issues in color /

U.S. HP Key Notes in color / Added European HP Key Notes:

The previous Key Notes "jump table":

And the newly-revised "jump table":



The "PPC Section 4" portion of the disk includes 16,595 pages

of scanned Australian calculator newsletters and

44 sets of proceedings from calculator conferences.

extended to cover HHC2019 (with 1184 entries)




The PPC Section #4 was first presented at the HHC2003 Calculator Conference in Newport Beach, California in September. Four different sets of newsletters from the various Australian calculator groups (PPC Melbourne, HPHH Melbourne, CHHU Sydney) are included here. This includes the complete set of 17 editions of the PPC Technical Notes, PPC's premiere journal of advanced HP41 programming applications. Thanks to Graham Fraser, long-time officer in the PPC Melbourne group, we now have issues 1,2,8 and 10 of PPPM Inc. & CHHU Sydney.

This portion of the archive includes the conference proceedings (along with any printed supplementary material obtained at the conferences) from 44 English-language HP calculator conferences up to 2019. It starts with the first one in Santa Clara, California in 1979 (featuring the newly-introduced HP41C) and extends to HHC2019 from Reno, Nevada.

To obtain info on videotape from HP conferences going back to 1986, click here.


The current Archive contents:

  • Section 1: 65 Notes/PPC Journal/PPC Calculator Journal/ plus 1,354 Scannable HP-41 program/barcode files

  • Section 2: PPC ROM Manual / Computer Journal of PPC / CHHU Chronicle/ HPX Exchange / HP65 Users' News / HP65 Key Note / U.S. & European HP Key Notes / HP Journal Articles

  • Section 3: Handheld and Portable Computer Club's 36 Years of Datafile 1982-2018 (207 issues)

    • Now including 344 Scannable HP-41 program/barcode files from Volumes 1 through 36

    • Also including the HPCC Datafile Index for Volumes 1-36: An index of 4742 entries indexed five ways (by issue, item title, author, document type and calculator model)

  • Section 4: Australian Newsletters & Handhelds Conference Proceedings 1979-2019    

    • Including The Conference Index: An index of all 1184 entries in all 44 conferences indexed five ways (by conference, item title, author, document type and calculator model)

    • Including an archive of the HP Solve Newsletter, issues 1 to 33 (2008-2014)

    • Also including the HP Solve Newsletter Index: An index of all 300 entries in the 33 issues indexed five ways (by issue, item title, author, document type and calculator model)

  • An EduCALC Catalog Library: Almost all EduCALC catalog issues,  Catalog Indexes, Technical Notes, Newsline transcripts and other materials totaling 5743  pages

This Archive, combining all 4 previous PPC sections (plus the EduCALC material) is available for

$25.00 plus shipping for non HPCC members or

$23.00 plus shipping for HPCC members.

>>> NOTE on Changes to Shipping Costs: <<<

The shipping charges have remained the same for the past 15 years or so.

Despite this, postage costs have increased at least a half dozen times.

They are finally too high to simply absorb them.

Since the North American postage cost is now around U.S. $4.00

and the cost for shipping elsewhere is around U.S. $14.00,

these will be the shipping charges moving forward.

Complete chart of costs: 
 ~PPC Archive on USB Drive~   Cost per copy:
If Non HPCC Member: $25.00
If HPCC Member: $23.00
Ship within U.S./Canada: $4.00 shipping
Ship outside U.S./Canada: $14.00 shipping

 *** Additional Savings Opportunity: ***

If you have previously purchased the Archive on DVD within the

past five years, the price is discounted by $5.00

if you specify in your order the exact version you previously purchased.

(Versions >= 2.16 qualify for this discount)


As always, for each disk sold, $5.00 is sent to the British HPCC group to

support their continued efforts (with over $2500. generated to date)



PPC, formerly the HP65 Users Club, was formed in June of 1974 to support user-exchange of information related to Hewlett-Packard

Personal Programmable Calculators. PPC published a newsletter, originally called 65 NOTES; later later the PPC Journal or the PPC Calculator Journal, roughly 8 to 10 times per year from 1974 through 1987. It also produced the PPC Computer Journal, covering HP 70-series and 80-series computers, published in parallel with the PPC Calculator Journal from 1982 through 1984 (and then both calculator and computer coverage was merged back into the PPC Journal starting in 1985).

CHHU, the Club of Hewlett-Packard Handheld Users, started in 1984 and published the CHHU Chronicle between 1984 and 1986.

Also, HPX, the Handheld Program Exchange, picked up after CHHU ceased operation and published the HPX Exchange between 1987 and 1990.

The above newsletters comprise around 6000 pages of valuable material covering all aspects of HP handhelds from the HP35 up to the HP28S.

The "Section 1" and "Section 2" portions of the PPC Archive contain all of the pages of the above newsletters plus:

Below is the breakdown of the disks' contents:

The Section 1 portion consisting of 65 NOTES/PPC Calculator Journals Volume 1 through Volume 14 (the end) plus all the Chicago-area CHIP group newsletters 1991 to end of publication in 2005 and the Philadelphia-area PAHHC handout lead articles from 1992 to May, 2000 (4775 pages) Now also includes 5,854 new pages from Jackie Woldering's 1,354 program/barcode files

The Section 2 portion consisting of the PPC ROM Manual; PPC ROM Pocket Guide; PPC Pocket Hex Table; PPC Computer Journal; CHHU Chronicle; HPX Exchange, HP65 Key Note, HP Key Notes & relevant HP Journal articles from 35 issues ranging from 1968 to 1996. (3008 pages)

All files are in the pdf format and thus these disks require Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3 or higher.

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Jake Schwartz

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What the archive is and what it is not....

The archive is a reference tool, with all pages scanned images in Adobe Acrobat format. Navigation buttons within each newsletter will provide movement from page to page, issue to issue, volume to volume and from any issue in any volume to any other. All indexes which were provided in the pages of the newsletters are included. Some of them have their entries hyperlinked to the referenced articles. Pages of text and diagrams will print approximately as cleanly as the originally scanned pages, and may be viewed within Acrobat Reader magnified up to 800 percent of original. All issues which start with a table of contents on page one have this T.O.C. hyperlinked to the articles themselves.

The archive is not a single-source search mechanism to find information on subjects entered by the user. This would require indexing all the material (which would be perhaps a lifetime project since type fonts, sizes and printing quality varies from article to article and page to page, causing OCR software to choke). They also are not a library of downloadable software. The listings are there, and you may therefore key them in. Also, it is likely that the supplied barcode for many of the programs in the issues will not print of high enough quality to be scanned with an HP41 wand. (Increasing the resolution above 300dpi to achieve this would reduce the amount of material which would fit on the disks.) On the other hand, the barcode pages from the PPC ROM Manual, recently added to the disks, were added at 600 dpi, and thus should scan in reasonably well.

For additional information about the London's Handheld and Portable Computer Club, check out on the web.

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Dave Hicks' DVD set from the HP Calculator Museum

For additional information / archive CD exclusively on the HP41 , check out Warren Furlow's

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