Photos from the PAHHC Meeting on 9/3/98

(l to r) Gene Rawdin, Leonard Pough, Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz


Jim Lawson's Handi Calc calculator "stash"


More Handi Calc stuff


Gene, Leonard, Jim Lawson and Wlodek


"The gang" around the table


Wlodek and Jerry Dob


Wlodek showed off the HP200LX with Raan Young's

display light aparatus, shown at the Vancouver conference

Wlodek autographs Leonard's copy of "Customize

Your HP-28"

It's definitely been used to it's fullest!


Jim Lawson shows older and newer binding of the HP48GX

Advanced User's Reference Manual. They cost the same,

but the one on the right costs much more to ship

Wlodek promotes HPCC membership and its

publication, the Datafile

Scanning across the table from left to right... Calculators, pizza and soda.


moving further across the table....copies of the PPC CD ROM disks and a copy of the HHC '98

conference proceedings



Jim and Eric Hafler talk about HP48 docs

(l to r) Vince Calkins, Gene Rawdin, Eric Hafler and Vince again. Thanks to Vince's dad for enabling us to utilize this

great meeting room at Drexel's Psych/Soc/Anthropology building. Anybody want an extra slice of pizza?


Eric Hafler shows off a new HP promo item - an embroidered

book bag... High quality for not too much money.

Contact Jim Lawson for details


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