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The PAHHC Archives -

Lead articles from the PAHHC meeting handouts...

9-00 - HP30S and HP39G Now in Stores; HP "Xpander" Announced in HPc Magazine' HHC2000; The Handheld User's Conference Approaches; Latest HP49G Beta O.S. Version and Documentation Available

5-00 - HP Announces Still Another Low-End Calculator; Are We Ready For the HP "Xpander"? ; Still Mulling Over A 2000 Calculator Conference; Latest HP49G Beta O.S. Version

4-00 - HP Pre-Announces Two Mid-Level Machines; ACO's Reaction to Jim Lawson's CLosure Message Predictable; Latest HP49G Beta O.S. Version and Documentation Available

3-00 - HP Teacher Publication Previews an Announcement; Read Jim Lawson's Handi Calc Closure Message; Latest HP49G Beta O.S. Version and Documentation Available

2-00 - The 2000 Winter Consumer Electronics Show; HP49 32-level Grayscale Capability Devised; Latest HP49G Beta O.S. Version and Documentation Available

1-00 - Handi Calc Will Close Its Doors; New HP49 Beta O.S. Version Available; 2000 CES Upcoming

12-99 - HP49 Connectivity Kit Is In Stock; Multiple Equation Solver: Not Gone for Long By the Beta Testers; A CD Disk of HP49 Docs?

11-99 - A Bit of a Distraction; HP Promises Fulfilled: Advance Users Guide; HP Promises Fulfilled II: Serial Interface Software; Promises III: SDK Released; Even More: A Free HP49 Emulator

9-2-99 - HHC 99 - The HP Handheld Conference - August 20-21, 1999; HP49 Operating System On-Line Updates

7-99 - HP49 Reaction Continues To Be Varied; August HP Conference Still On Tap

6-25-99 - The HP49G

6-99 - Surprise! Prototype of the HP49G Revealed; HP49G: Facts and Speculations

4-22-99 - Hewlett-Packard Splits in Two; The New HP6S and HP6S Solar Calculators; A New Jornada 680 Palmtop; The HP Calculator Museum on Disk; Another Handheld Conference This Year

3-20-99 - Will This One Be "6S"-ful?; Hewlett-Packard Company Splits In Two; Another Handheld Conference This Year; "Is HP Shooting Itself In The Foot ?" Part II

2-25-99 - Hints of a New HP Handheld; Dave Hicks of WWW HP Calculator Museum Beats Me to the Punch; Texas Instruments Beefs Up the TI-83; Is Hewlett-Packard Shooting Itself In the Foot (Again)?; The 1999 Winter Consumer Electronics Show

12-17-98 - Hewlett-Packard Journal Goes Out of Print; PPC CD-ROM #3 and Philly HP Group CD in the Works; New HP "Information Appliance" Scans, Copies and Beams; Jim Lawson's Handi Calc is Branching Out

10-29-98 - New "Handheld" is Really a Small Notebook; Two "Lost" PPC Journal Issues Found; HP Give Nod for Old Manuals on CD; A Loss For Us

9-3-98 - HHC '98: The HP Handheld Conference in Vancouver; The Design-The-Calculator Contest Is A Winner

7-30-98 - Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz visits us next month; Conference continues to firm up; PPC CD-ROM disks are just about ready

6-18-98 - New HP Palmtop Is An Enhanced HP620LX; HP Handheld Conference Beginning to Take Shape; PPC CD-ROM Set Progress

4-30-98 - Hewlett-Packard Announces the HP48G+; Texas Instruments Announces the TI89; Ioptics OROM Still Another Portable Storage Solution; SMI 2-meg Cards for the HP48; From EduCalc to the Calculating Edge; HP Handheld Conference in Vancouver, Washington August 29-30; Former Corvallis Calculator Folks' Whereabouts; A PPC CD-ROM Set in the Works; Design the Next Calculator

3-10-98 - Educalc May Be Coming Back; HP360LX Price Dropped; Psion First to Support Siemens MultiMedia Cards; HP Announces Its Second Digital Still Camera; The 1998 Winter CES Images on the Web; "Rescuing" the HP48 and HP200LX; CHIP Group Gets a Web Site; HP48 Archive On a CD-ROM

1-20-98 - Educalc is No More; The 1998 Winter Consumer Electronics Show; Microsoft Palm PCs; Other Handhelds; Video News; Digital Still Cameras; Audio Gear; Computers, Digital Watches, Telephones; No Handheld Users' Gathering

12-2-97 - Educalc to Close Its Doors After 21 Years; A 1998 Handhelds Conference Website is Started; HP Begins Shipping New Palmtop; HP Calculator Web Site Moved; Texas Instruments TI-92 Gets a Boost; London Conference Video Available

10-20-97 - The HPCC Conference in London (Sept 20-21); HP Announces New Palmtops, Others Follow

8-28-97 - The HP48 Software Archive; Give the HP Shell a Try; A New Symbolic Matrix Editor/Viewer; Sony Digital Mavica Camera Debuts

6-5-97 - HP300/320LX in the Stores; Microsoft Has More Windows CE Plans; Omnigo Organizer is a Goner; HP Web Site Mentions Obsolete Handheld Support; HPCC London Conference Upcoming; Eric Vogel's Visit on 6/5/97

5-7-97 - HP's Eric Vogel is Coming 6-5-97; HP300LX Apparently Ships; HP320LX Coming to U.S. Later; Long Float Extension to ALG48 Is a Reality; Summer CES May Be Dead

3-26-97 - Check out HP300/320LX on the Web; HPCC Conference's Official Call for Papers; HP Joins the Digital Camera Crowd; Look for ALG48 to Get a Boost; New HP Microprocessor Takes a Big Leap; A Couple of Interesting Web Sites

2-19-97 - HP48 Meta Kernel is Officially Released; HP Windows CE Boxes Have Names; HPCC Web Site Started; HPCC 15th Anniversary Conference; Win48 Demo Version Enhanced; An HP41 Emulator for PCs; HP200LX 4 Meg and HP1000CX 2 Meg

1-22-97 - 1997 Winter CES Report; Windows CE Machines; TI-86 and CBR Device; DVD Finally; Digital Still Cameras; Digital Videotape Still in the Mix; Large, Flat Displays; Internet Everywhere; Videotape and Slides from the Show

1-18-97 (PACS) - HP Handhelds Web Page Goes Up; Windows CE HPC Machines All the Rage; Speaking of the HHC '97 Conference; Omnigo World Pub is No More; Intel, Moto, DEC, Others Junp into the Windows CE Fray; What is Currently Known About the HP HPC Unit

12-4-96 - MS Windows CE Machines Announced; WWW sites for the major HPC/Windows CE Players; Don't Count Apple Out; New HP48 Emulator for Windows 95; HPShell - A Freeware HP48 Development Environment

10-30-96 - "Pegasus" Machines On the March; HP Conf Videos Available; Omnigo 100 Price Decrease; Educalc 2nd-Generation WWW Site and Catalog; A CD-ROM Library of HP38/48 Goodies

9-11-96 - HP Conference in Anaheim; Next Year S.F. or London?; The HP48 Programming Contest; New HP Omnigo 120 Organizer; MS Pegasus Coming Soon; Two New Calc Books; HP200LX Speedup and Mem Increase

7-17-96 - '96 Conference Looms; New HP Handhelds Web Site; 4th Annual HP48 Prog Contest; Large HP48 RAM Cards; 5-Meg HP200LX Upgrade

6-12-96 - 1996 CES/COMDEX Report; The CHIP Meeting; HP Journal; Rumors Start to Fly; Educalc Catalogs Shift a Month

5-18-96 - Lab I/O for Hp Calcs; Big HP200LX, HP1000CX RAM Upgrades; HP Conference in 1996; Second Coming of the HP Handhelds Guide Book; HP95 Trade-Up Program; Palmtop Paper on CD ROM; HP42S Calculator Gone

4-24-96 - ALG48 Update; EMU48DOS; Educalc WWW Site

3-20-96 - First issue Omnigo World; TI-83 Exposed; HP48 Meta Kernel; New Educalc Catalog; Omnigo 100 Flash RAM

2-5-96 - 1996 Winter CES; Omnigo Early Feedback; HP48 Emulators Proliferate

12-13-95 - TI92 is Here; HP Omnigo 100 Resumes Shipping

11-8-95 - Two Omnigo Products; TI92 Versus HP48

10-2-95 - New Omnigo Organizer; TI92 Looms Large; HP38G Tidbits; Educalc Catalog #69; IBM Japan Introduces a New PDA

8-17-95 - HP Conference A Success; Goodies Disk 10 and HP48 Hacker ROM is Here; July CHIP Special Meeting; Educalc BBS Is On Line; Conference Videos On Tap

6-28-95 - Calculators on the Internet; HP38G On The Street Soon; Jim Donnelly's SysRPL Book is Here; New EduCalc Catalog, Bulletin Board System; Countdown to the HP Conference in Minnesota; More Videotapes Available

4-12-95 - New Machines in the Offing; HP38G Philly Demo Coming Soon; HP PDA Still Coming

3-1-95 - Low-End LX Model Coming?; TI Turns on the Competition; HP48 Goodies Disk 10 Preview; Las Vegas, Dutch Conference Tapes Available

1-25-95 - HP Announces Price Reductions; Low-end HP Graphics Calc on the Horizon; 1995 Winter CES Report; The Annual HP Users' Meeting; Dutch PROMPT Conference Materials Are Here

12-14-94 - HP Introduces New Omnibooks; HP200LX CPU Speedup May Be Coming; HP48 Solver Accepts Programs as Input; New EduCalc Catalog #66; HP Finally Dives into "Set Top Boxes"; "PC Tools" for the HP48; Las Vegas CES Upcoming; Dutch Conference Notes Coming

11-2-94 - Spring 1995 Philly CES is Cancelled; Dutch Conference A Success; 1995 Minnesota Conference Shaping Up; Sony Introduces a Handheld; PCMCIA Hard Drive Activity Continues Strong

9-21-94 - Corvallis is Now the "Mobile Computing Division"; Kittyhawk is Grounded; New Educalc Goodies; Dutch Conference Upcoming; Minneapolis HP Conference in 1995

8-24-94 - HP200LX Introduced; HP PDA Not Dead; HP48 "R" ROM is Everywhere; HP48GX Featured in Latest HP Journal; HP41 Trade-In Program A Steal; Swapping List Elements (HP48)

7-13-94 - 1994 Summer Consumer Electronics Show; CHIP HP Meeting in Chicago; New Omnibook 530; HP48 Programming Contest; New HP Palmtop Imminent

6-15-94 - New EduCalc Catalog On the Way; Dutch Conference Postponed Until October; HP48 "Upgrade Program" Comes to a Close; HP48 Programming Contest Version Two; Summer CES Around the Corner

5-11-94 - Dutch Conference Soon; New Hp Products?; Final Chicago CES; HP48 Rev "R"

4-12-94 - HP48 ROM Version "R" Shipping; It's Official: '95 CES A Philly Happening; An HP PDA in the Future; EduCalc Now Carries HP Omnibook Sub-Notebooks; Programming Class: Input/Output Continues in June

3-19-94 - Programming Class: Next Stop - HP48 Input/Output; A Philadelphia Consumer Electronics Show Soon?; New Educalc Catalog Mailed; An HP PDA; One Solution to the PCMCIA Card Port Shortage

3-9-94 - New EduCalc Catalog About to Ship; HP48 Programming Sessions Started; Did You Get Your Old Calc?; New PDAs from Motorola and Apple; HP Omnibook 430 Debuts; Intel Rolls out DX4 and P54C CPUs

2-9-94 - HP48 ROM Upgrades; A New Bug (As If We Needed One); Dutch Conference "Discount" Registration Deadline Past; EduCalc "Finds" More Old HP Calcs; HP Introduces 2 MB HP100LX; Lithium-Polymer Batteries Upcoming from HP; Intel Not Resting on its Pentium Laurels

1-19-94 - 1994 Winter Consumer Electronics Show Report; Electronic "Cone of Silence"?; On to Video and Audio; Lots of Computer Companies; Las Vegas HP Users' Meeting at Denny's; Philly HP48 Programming Class

12-1-93 - A GX ROM Trade-Up Program; Omnibook 425 Appears; Dutch PROMPT Group Conference; HP48 Serial Interface Kits on the Move; PDAs Everywhere; NiCd Batteries Going Out of Style?; Recent HP48 Public Domain Software

10-28-93 - Lew Thomas' Presentation at PAHHC; Usenet Access for Chicago BBS; HP48GX ROM Continues to Develop; Ecu Calc HP48 Programming Class; Send in Those HP48 Box Flaps; Joe Horn Discovers G-Series Math is Better

9-30-93 - HP48GX Rev. P Ships; Port Predicaments; Educalc Catalog 61 Arrives; A Deal for Early HP48 Buyers; Omnibook Successor Soon; HP48GX Rev P Stops

8-26-93 - Philly HP Group Birthday; New Donnelly Book a Hit; Large HP48 RAM On the Way; HP48GX Bug Repellent; HP Trek: The Next Generation

7-21-93 - GX Activity Growing; GX Clock Ticks Some Off; HP48 Handbook Direct Discount; The Missing Info Calc Book; Calc Cards Coming; HP48 GX Talk Video Available

6-16-93 - New HP Products; 1993 Summer CES Report; Special HP Meeting; See You in July

4-28-93 - An Exciting 1993; HP48G/GX Calculators; HP100LX Palmtop Computer; Even More Later On; HP16C Emulator Takes Off

3-30-93 - Educalc Catalog #59; HP95LX Products; Kittyhawk II; The London Group Recovers; A Visit From an HP95 Developer; Summer CES / Chicago Meeting Approaches

2-23-93 - HP Calculator Rumors; HP Palmtop & Subnotebook Rumors; HP48 Programmer's Competition

1-21-93 - 1993 Winter CES Report; The Las Vegas HP Users' Meeting; Handi Calc Lowers Prices

12-3-92 - Sparcom Stat ROM Card; New HP48 ROM Version Soon; Upcoming Winter CES; An HPCC Tragedy

11-5-92 - Rumors of an HP Subnotebook

10-1-92 - The HPCC London Conference; New Educalc Catalog 57; Persistent HP Rumors

8-20-92 - New Palmtop Paper Issue; The Sharp PC-3000 Palmtop; London Conference Soon; An Alternate Index to the HP48 Manual

7-15-92 - HP's Kittyhawk Drive; Lots of Subnotebooks; London Conference Info; Sparcom HP48 Card Updates

6-11-92 - 1992 Summer CES Report; Chicago CHIP Group Users' Meeting

4-30-92 - Philly Conference Postscript; Apple Handheld Soon; An HP48 Library Builder Program; A New HP48 Manual

3-19-92 - Philly Conference Speaker Rundown; Conference Status

2-20-92 - Philly Conference Status; HP48 Insights Volume 2 In Print; 1-meg HP95 Version Soon

1-23-92 - 1992 Winter CES Report; The Las Vegas HP Users' Meeting; Other CES Highlights - Audio/Video/Other; Philadelphia HP Conference Update


Upcoming articles from meetings on the following dates:

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2-6-85 3-28-85 5-21-85 7-9-85 10-2-85            
1-19-84 3-28-84 7-31-84 10-9-84 11-13-84            
2-3-83 3-5-83 3-28-83 4-16-83 6-11-83 8-22-83 10-17-83        
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