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last updated 11/1/2021

Announcing PPC Archive 2.42:



(With roughly 9,770 new pages overall):

1. Added 7 new PPC-related documents, U.S. Navy PPC materials, plus significantly-expanded Philly-area PPC chapter handouts (21 years) in Section 1

2. Added CHHU "card in the box" version "D", 6 additional CHHU items, 2 HPX items, Richard Nelson-Henry Horn correspondence plus materials from 3 additional HP Journal issues in Section 2

3. Added HPCC introduction document from 1994 in Section 3

4. Added Recreational Programmers' Notes newsletter issues from New Zealand,

    HHC2022 (Nashville) and HPCC2022 (London) conference materials,

    handouts from Special CES-related meetings and/or Las Vegas,

    to Section 4 and updated the 5-way conference index

5. Added 21 new documents to the "Additional EduCALC Materials" section to section 5 ("EduCALC Library")

6. Added 241 new individual HP-related documents,

    many new multi-issue collections including HP invent magazine ('00-'01)

    plus pages from an additional Elek-Tek catalog (#43a)

    to Section 6  ("HP-Related Misc. Materials section")


The Video is Now Available from the HP Conference in San Jose, California (9/29-30/2018)


Check out the reference calculator keyboard metrics for the HP Solve Newsletter Article

"Tweaking the HP42S"

HP Calculator-Related Articles by Jake Schwartz:

  Event: Article Presentation Slides (if any)
1 HHC1995 Conference (Minneapolis, MN) The Vertical Format Calc User Interface  
2 HHC1998 Conference (Vancouver, WA) The PPC CD Set: A Work in Progress  
3 HHC1999 Conference (Vancouver, WA) The PPC CD Set: An Update  
4 HHC2000 Conference (Los Angeles, CA) A Survey of HP Numeric Keypads Numeric Keypad Images (3 MB)
5 HHC2001 Conference (Chicago, IL) The HP49/49 Emulator on the Jornada  
6 HPCC2002 Conference (London) Information Sources for HP Handhelds (10 MB)  
7 HHC2003 Conference (Newport Beach, CA) PPC CD4: Australian Pubs and US Conf Proceedings  
8 HHC2004 Conference (San Jose, CA) Proper Keyboards and Attachable Overlays HHC2004 Slides (13 MB)
9 HHC2005 Conference (Chicago, IL) The HPCC Datafile CD V3, plus Acrobat Suggestions  
10 HHC2006 Conference (San Jose, CA) Twenty Years of HP Videos HHC2006 Slides (36 MB)
11 HHC2007 Conference (San Diego, CA) Cupertino to Corvallis to Singapore to Melbourne to San Diego HHC2007 Slides (15 MB)
12 HHC2007 Conference (San Diego, CA) Soft Key Menus for the hp35S  
13 HPCC Datafile V27N1 Article (2008) Keyboard Clutter, Keystroke Counts & Calculator Menus HP Keyboard Metrics Data
14 HPCC Datafile V27N2 Article (2008) Optimizing the Calculator User Interface  
15 HPCC Datafile V27N3 Article (2008) The HP20b Calculator: A Missed Opportunity?  
16 HHC2008 Conference (Corvallis, OR) Improving Keystroke Efficiency in HP Financial Calculators HHC2008 Slides (12MB)
17 HHC2009 Conference (Fort Collins, CO) E-Ink, Haptic Touch and MEMS HHC2009 Slides (5 MB)
18 HPCC Datafile V28N6 Article (2010) HP30b Solver-Style Menus  
19 HHC2010 Conference (Fort Collins, CO) Might A Tablet Be the Ideal Platform/UI for a Highly Complex Calculator? HHC2010 Slides (4 MB)
20 HHC2011 Conference (San Diego, CA) An HP-16C/WP-34S Dictionary HHC2011 Slides (2.2MB)
21 HHC2012 Conference (Nashville, TN) WP-34S and the "HP Calculator Way" (slides) (3.4MB)  
22 HHC2013 Conference (Fort Colling, CO) Incorporating Readable PPC Journal HP41 Barcode in the PPC DVD  (slides / 5 MB)  
23 HHC2014 Conference (Reno, NV) Calculator Odds and Ends (slides / 6 MB)  
24 HHC2015 Conference (Nashville, TN) The WP43S: A Spec in Need of a Platform (slides / 3MB)  
25 HHC2017 Conference (Nashville, TN) EduCALC: A Look Back (slides / 9MB)  

The HHC2008 HP Calculator Calendar for Year 2009

Read "Designing and Building A Computer Table" by Richard J. Nelson

Read "The Magna Spin Light Up UFO - Part I, The Top" by Richard J. Nelson

Read "Amateur Halo, Part I" by Richard J. Nelson

The PPC Calculator Archive:

A work in Progress since 1998

Announcing PPC Archive V2.42:

HP Handheld/Palmtop Event Videos Available

Going back as far as 1986 with the HP18C introduction

The HP Handhelds Conference

September 29-30, 2018 from San Jose, California

Now Available on 6 DVD Disks, 1 Disk or 6 Blu Ray Disks

HP16C Emulator Library for the HP48 Calculator

The entire HP16C plus a few extras running inside the '48

Available for a lower price on CD for downloading to RAM cards
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